About Estonia

Estonia is a Baltic country, situated on the northeast shores of the Baltic Sea. Estonia has very close connections with the Nordic countries, especially Finland and is therefore sometimes also considered to be a Nordic country in its own right.

Estonia is conveniently located just 80km from Helsinki, is close to Sweden, Lithuania and adjoins North-Eastern Russia.

Estonia Estonia Estonia

Some facts about Estonia
Area: 45,227km² of which approximately 20,000 km² is covered with forest.
Population: 1,356,045 inhabitants (2003) of whom approximately 70% are Estonians.
Official language: Estonian (belongs to the Finno-Ugric group of languages)
Religion: predominantly Evangelical Lutheran
Administrative divisions: 253 rural municipalities, 15 counties
Capital: Tallinn (population approximately 400,000)
An independent state since February 24, 1918  
Soviet occupation: 1940-1991
Restoration of independence: August 20, 1991
System of Government: Parliamentary republic
Currency unit: Euro
Member state of the European Union (2004) and NATO (2004)  
Estonia's advanced ICT infrastructure:
  • Three providers of mobile phone carrier services. Over 95% of the country is covered by the mobile network;
  • Internet is accessible all over Estonia;
  • 16th highest Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) penetration in the world at the endof June 2003;
  • by July 2003 there were more than 760 000 Internet bank customers, over 50% of the population.
  • The country's economy is known as liberal.