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The meeting room is the place where new ideas are born, information exchanged and new business value created. The company's important partners and clients are also often received here. Therefore it is important that the room is prominent and has a sufficient technological solution to help deliver the messages better.

To support your presentations and meetings Overall offers full solutions, which take into account the size and necessities of the room. The most simple and affordable solution is a multimedia projector complemented with a screen and discreet cabling to maintain the looks of the meeting room. For more effective meetings, a whiteboard for quick notes, digital whiteboard for easy distribution and storage of notes and a TV and sound system for high quality videoconferencing might also be necessary. For the most demanding environments we suggest to consider the SMART meeting room solution. It combines a projector, digital whiteboard and a high-quality sound system in one sleek device. We will help to install the equipment so that your meeting room looks cable-free and stylish, whilst having all the technological possibilities of a contemporary meeting room.

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