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A printer or a copier is one of the primary tools in a contemporary office. While the printer functions flawlessly it is almost unnoticeable. However should even a small problem appear in the work of the device, it can bring the natural workflow to a halt and cause anxiety of the users. Sometimes the problem is simple – out of paper or an empty cartridge, which of course can be easily replaced if the office maintains a backup supply. However sometimes the help of a maintenance professional is required, thereby prolonging the period for restoring the workflow and bringing about significant costs in time.

Overall's eHooldus (meaning e-service in Estonian) is the first complete remote surveillance system for print&copy devices in Estonia. It provides Overall’s service team with most current information on the technical condition of the device, the workload and even toner levels. This enables the service personnel to react more quickly and efficiently than before. eHooldus helps to save the valuable time of our customers and guarantees a smoother workflow.

Every client of eHooldus gains access to a personalized web environment, where it is possible to check the output volumes and to conveniently order consumables for the device. It is also possible to get more detailed reports, which can answer many essential questions, e.g. – what is a workload of a certain device compared to others, is duplex printing used sufficiently actively, is the fax functionality used often etc.

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