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Information is one of the primary tools today and we use constantly renewing means and channels to exchange it. Due to the rapid advances in infotechnology many documents are originally created in digital form. However paper remains a widely used medium as a comfortable and familiar way to acquire and store the information.

Contrary to the predictions of digital media replacing paper, the usage of paper has actually remarkably grown in the recent years and so has the importance of printing. Internet and email further increase the volume of exchanged information, a great part of which is printed out for more comfortable reading and commenting.

Parallel to B&W printing color output is also playing an increasingly important role. Due to the high quality, ease of use and versatile finishing features of the modern output devices, they are able to replace the services of a small copy shop. In today's office environment a professional output solution equipped with the tools for surveying and managing the related costs and workflow gives a great advantage.

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