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Most companies have only a vague overview of their print & copy costs, and still fewer keep an eye on the costs on a regular basis. Usually the only closely monitored cost is the price of the output device. This in fact makes up only about 15-20% of the entire cost, which can reach up to 1-3% of a companies' annual revenue.

During the past 7 years the volume of printed documents has increased four-fold and the tendency continues. In spite of this companies still rarely notice the increase in output volumes and additional printers and copiers are often purchased with little analysis about the costs they will bring about.

Of course it is unthinkable to abolish printing and copying but it is possible to monitor the process and find the optimal and most cost-effective solution basing on that data. The solution Overall offers enables to monitor output volumes, proportion of color printing and the use of different finishing options. It is also possible to see reports based on departments or user-groups.

According to these results and in cooperation with the client, we are able to tailor a output system and strategy best suiting the customer's needs and giving the best results both performance and cost wise. By rearranging the locations of the output devices and tailoring purchasing strategy for the future it is often possible to significantly cut costs while maintaining a user-friendly and productive system. If necessary we are also glad to assist in acquainting the users to the new possibilities which simplify their work. It is also possible to arrange a workshop on the different features of the devices, to make their usage optimal. Systematic surveying of print & copy reports and cost management allow for a more exact budget to be set either basing on the individual user or department.

Overall's output management solution insures a productive and cost-effective workflow by looking ahead to keep up-to-date on new technologies and avoid investments in inappropriate hardware.

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